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Performance Marketing


January 16, 2024


Our digital performance strategy for the Miele brand has always been centered around generating quality traffic to the online webshop. This goal has been successfully met, year after year, with total impressions exceeding 25 million and a high click-through rate.




In order to drive organic traffic from search to the ALUCOBOND Website, Broomstick took charge of the SEO scope for the brand 5 years ago. Quality traffic has improved year on year, complemented with actual business leads to the regional offices.


ADNOC Marathon


Our digital advertising campaign for the 2019 ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon was put together keeping awareness, conversions and lead generation in mind. Overall the campaign delivered 7.3 million impressions and led to a huge number of registrations.


UAE Tour


The UAE Tour Digital Display Campaign was rolled out primarily to leverage display networks and drive traffic to the official website. Overall, we delivered more than 6.8 million impressions to the website.




DCODE strives to be amongst the most progressive and innovative companies in Pakistan. A Google display campaign helped the brand gain 15 Million impressions and increase in the market share.




Our digital campaigns for Waseeya in the first month got 10 Million Impressions that boosted the brand's awareness in the UK market.


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